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Rover, Watch out for Rover! for the TI-Nspire CX

Publisher: Texas Instruments Inc.

Område:  Mathematics

Labels: Distance, Linear Functions, Measures, Predictions, , Time, Velocity

Students take measurements, determine a pattern, make a prediction and then check it in a competition or activity.

An European TI-Nspire Science Pilot 2012

Publisher: T³ Europe

Author: T³ Europe, Abdel Yazi, Armando Severino, Cathy Baars, Fernanda Neri, Fiona Dickens, Frank Liebner, Jean-Louis Balas, Lee Fox, Olivier Douvere, Petra Ryrstedt, Sanja Herrström

Område:  Biology, Chemistry, Physics, STEM

Labels: STEM, Temperature, Time, Physics

The TI-Nspire Lab Cradle - a solution to investigate work in science supporting students' understanding through the use of technology

High ground low ground

Author: Jonathan Powell

Labels: Pythagoras, Time

Find the total time for a journey taken by a group of walkers.