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Ma 4 och 5 | Diskret matematik | I denna aktivitet finns två problem om insekter som vandrar i koordinatplanet längs räta linjer och längs periferin på en cirkel.

Author: Texas Instruments Sverige

Område:  Mathematics

Labels: Circles, Computer Algebra, Curriculum, Derivative, Geometry

Centres of a Triangle

Construct some of the centres of a triangle and investigate relationships between them, discovering the Euler Line

Author: Barrie Galpin

Labels: Circles, Zeros, Geometry, T3

How many squares?

Encourages a systematic approach when searching for solutions. (Works well with TI-Nspire Navigator)

Author: Barrie Galpin

Labels: Circles, Mathematical thinking

The arbelos

Investigate relationships between radii of the semicircles and the perimeter and area of this interesting shape

Author: Barrie Galpin

Labels: Perimeter, Area, Circles

Dimensions of a Circle

Derive the formulae for the circumference and area of a circle using multiple representations.

Author: Barrie Galpin

Labels: Circumference, Area, Circles