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Primtalslista med programmering

Publisher: Texas Instruments Sverige

Author: TI Sweden

Område:  Mathematics, STEM

Labels: Stochastics, Coding, 3D Geometry, Curriculum, Number, Programming, STEM

Ma 1 - Tal i olika former - I denna aktivitet så har vi två små program som tar fram listor på primtal inom ett visst intervall.

Summan av tal som följer ett mönster | Programmering

Publisher: Texas Instruments Sverige

Author: TI Sweden

Område:  Mathematics, STEM

Labels: Algebra, Coding, Curriculum, Exercise, Number, Programming, STEM

Ma 5 - Diskret matematik - (men man kan ta upp talföljder i enkla situationer tidigare) - Hur gör vi om termerna inte är lika men följer ett mönster?

TI-Nspire CAS in Engineering Mathematics: Unit Step and Impulse - Spring-mass Problems

Publisher: T³ Europe

Author: T³ Europe, Michel Beaudin

Område:  STEM

Labels: Tips and tricks

Differential equations with piecewise defined functions.

Anleitungen zur Datenerfassung und Auswertung mithilfe der TI-Nspire™ Technologie (ab Version 3.6)

Publisher: T³ Deutschland

Author: T³ Deutschland

Område:  STEM, Physics

Vom Autorenteam der T³-Fachgruppe Physik wurde diese Anleitung für TI-Nspire™ und kompatible Messwerterfassungssysteme unter Einsatz der integrierten DataQuest App erstellt.

Changing the face of STEM education

Publisher: T³ USA

Author: Jessica Kohout, Kevin Spry

Område:  STEM

Labels: Sharing Inspiration 2019

Careers in STEM fields continue to be in high demand. In order to ensure we meet those needs we require a diverse field of students to be studying STEM.

Next generation science standards - 3 dimensional learning

Publisher: T³ USA

Author: Jessica Kohout, Kevin Spry

Område:  STEM

Labels: Sharing Inspiration 2019

Within the United States, the national science curriculum has recently introduced a framework for science learning in the classrooms.

Smart Irrigation System for TI-84 Plus CE OS 5.3

Author: Texas Instruments Inc.

Område:  Biology, Computer Science, STEM

Labels: Biology, Coding, Programming, Sine, STEM

This is an integrated STEM project that challenges students to build an irrigation system. Students will learn and use concepts in computer science, environmental science and engineering.

Project for TI-Innovator - The Banana Switch

Author: Texas Instruments Inc.

Område:  STEM

Labels: Electricity, Engineering, Modelling, STEM

Learn to read a digital input pin on the TI-Innovator™ Breadboard connector of TI-Innovator™ Hub.

A Lunar Ellipse

Author: Ian Galloway

Område:  STEM

Labels: 3D Geometry, Coding, Algebra, Randomness, Angles, STEM, Area, T3, Ellipse, TI-Innovator, Frequency, Modelling, Physics, Sine

Students consider the question "What is the shape of the curve forming the terminator of the crescent moon?" They then calculate the area of the crescent and graph its variation over one m...

Course Materials from Workshop Sharjah, UAE, 2018 May 5

Publisher: T³ Middle East

Author: Stephan Griebel

Område:  Mathematics, STEM

Labels: Algebra, Data collection, Geometry, TI-Innovator, TI-Innovator Rover

Materials used during workshop in Sharjah, UAE on 2018, May 05. Most relevant for workshop participants.

traffic light

Author: Christian Zöpfl

Område:  STEM

Labels: Optimization, Sharing Inspiration 2019

TI Innovator controls trafic lights and pedestrian lights that operate temporarily when necessary

TI Coding mit TI-84 Plus CE-T und TI-Innovator™ Hub

Publisher: Texas Instruments Inc.

Område:  Computer Science, STEM

Labels: Coding

Lektion 5: Die Sensoren des Rovers
Übung 1: Der Ultraschall-Entfernungssensor

Playground activity: Will you take a risk or play it safe?

Publisher: T³ Türkiye

Author: Yunus Emre Doğan

Område:  Mathematics, STEM

Labels: Analytic Geometry, Graphing, Linear Functions, Lines, Sharing Inspiration 2019, 

It's a risk taking and optimization game. Participants will play a game against each other to find the best or optimized solution for given challenge.