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An Introduction to Programming with the TI-Innovator Rover

Author: Luc Blomme

Område:  Computer Science, Mathematics

Labels: Programming, Sharing Inspiration 2019, Software

A step by step introduction to programming with the TI-Innovator Rover using the TI-Nspire CX CAS

The development of concepts by using prefabricated applets

Author: Gertrud Aumayr, Helmut Heugl

Område:  Mathematics

Labels: Sharing Inspiration 2019

An important phase of learning mathematics is the realization of concepts. The learning process usually proceeds in two phases: The experimental phase and the exactifying phase.

New Generation of Data Collection Tools

Author: Yunus Emre Doğan

Område:  Mathematics, STEM

Labels: Linear regression, Regression, Sharing Inspiration 2019, STEM, T3, Temperature, TI-Innovator, Tips and tricks

This is a wide-ranging workshop which will delve into the different areas from sensors, probes, coding with TI-84 and HUB to limitations and solutions.

Directe formule TI-Nspire CX

Publisher: WIL-de Wiskunde

Author: WIL-de Wiskunde

Område:  Mathematics

Labels: Recursion

Functies & Grafieken

Diagrammen tekenen TI-Nspire CX

Publisher: WIL-de Wiskunde

Author: WIL-de Wiskunde

Område:  Mathematics

Labels: Series, Diagram

Kansrekenen & Statistiek

Walk of the drunk Rover

Author: Yvan Haine, Michelle Solhosse

Område:  Mathematics

Labels: Sharing Inspiration 2019

A drunkard walks on the pavement in a straight line to return home.
Completely drunk, he does not control his progress and he could as
easily take a step forward as a step backward.

On-Ramp to Robotics Unit 1 (Motion) with Mars Rover Challenge for TI-Nspire CX

Author: Texas Instruments Inc.

Område:  Computer Science, Mathematics, STEM

Labels: Algebra, Angles, Coding, Distance, Geometry, Linear Functions, Lines, Measures, Points and lines, Polygons, STEM, TI-Innovator, Triangle

Students will learn and use basic concepts for robotic vehicle control along with math concepts to write a program to drive their Rover around the base of the Olympus Mons volcano on Mars.