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From the first steps with Rover to autonomous driving (parallel parking)

Author: Ralph Huste, Hubert Langlotz

Område:  STEM, Computer Science

Labels: Sharing Inspiration 2019

Starting with simple commands to let the Rover move we will try to show how a simple
model of autonomous driving can be realized.

Automated Lock

Author: Medhat Merabi

Område:  Physics

Labels: Chemistry, Sharing Inspiration 2019

This is a program to unlock a door using servo and loudness sensor

Content Database User Guide

Publisher: Texas Instruments Education Technology

Labels: Sharing Inspiration 2019

This guide is intended to give a short and quick introduction into our content database.

Basic competencies in mathematics education (in Germany)

Author: Hubert Langlotz

Område:  Mathematics

Labels: Sharing Inspiration 2019

Overview of the mathematical educational landscape in Germany

Safe autonomous driving

Author: Donatella Falciai

Område:  Computer Science, STEM

Labels: Analysis, Coding, Integral calculus, Modelling, Physics, Programming, STEM, T3, , Sharing Inspiration 2019

A “master” rover is followed by one or more rovers in a line. Based on color signals on the road the master stops or park; the followers read the ranger sensor and keep a safe distance from...

Mathematik in wirtschaftlichen Zusammenhängen

Author: T³ Deutschland

Område:  Mathematics

Labels: Optimization, Coding, Sharing Inspiration 2019, Modelling, Series, Software, Dynamic Simulations, STEM, T3, TI-Innovator, TI-Innovator Rover

Die Wirtschaft kennt viele mathematische Anwendungen. Verschiedene Begriffe aus der Wirtschaft werden für die Sekundarstufe 2 eingeführt.