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Investigative Skills Toolkit

Author: Nevil Hopley

Område:  Mathematics

Labels: Patterns, Scattergraphs, Linear regression, Modelling

Use the TI-Nspire Handheld (either Numeric or CAS) to investigate and generalise results from numerical patterns.

Perfect Pitch

Author: Barrie Galpin

Labels: Exponential, Patterns, STEM, Geometric series, Physics, Loci

Look for connections and patterns in the frequencies and wavelengths of sequences of musical notes


Author: Barrie Galpin

Labels:, Linear, Patterns

Recording matchstick patterns leads to linear functions. (Contains video tutorial)

Straight-line Graphs

Author: Barrie Galpin

Labels: Linear, Patterns, Functions

Introducing the connection between linear equations and straight-line graphs


Author: Barrie Galpin

Labels:, Patterns

Generate sequences using term-to-term and sequence to term rules.


Author: Barrie Galpin

Labels:, Patterns, STEM, Chemistry

Pattern spotting in the context of the chemical formulas of the hydrocarbons

Patterns to Graphs

Author: Barrie Galpin

Labels: Linear, Patterns, Functions

Experience the connection between a number pattern and its graph

Pollution in a small loch

Author: David J C Elgin

Område:  Mathematics

Labels: Patterns

Using recurrence relations to look at pollution in a small loch